Mad Sparkle Pie :D

Photo 14-02-2015 21 31 29I made up the title of this pudding just as a metaphor or a concept or something when I was trying to explain loads of things at once and couldn’t put together the words I meant (that’s an extremely interesting thing/idea something coming out of stupidity rather than intelligence – cool). I was trying to say something along the lines of madness is very much needed, a spark of madness only colours our lives, makes it more interesting, enhances it. Kate Bush sings this point beautifully in the touchingly atmospheric song ‘Nocturn’ (makes me want to fly/float in a night’s sky, listen and you’ll see) – ‘We tire of the city… We tire of it all… We long for… [a few powerful pauses] just that… [then with incredible conviction within the word] something… moooore…’

But what I originally said was life would be so boring without a slice of mad sparkle pie every now and again hahahaha…

Then since it was Valentines and he was MAKING(!?) pasta out of flour and stuff I thought I probably should make an effort as well! And what better way but to create an abstract idea, was very fun 🙂

Brilliant things wouldn’t happen without a few mad people. We’ve got to be a bit mad to imagine idealistic situations/inventions. If we didn’t long for that something more and push the boundaries how would we advance? Who wants to follow the normal, straight path noooo that would be silly – I want to run off and pick some flowers 😀

Innovation is sparked by a moment of madness in the mind. Of course sometimes it’ll be too much but if you didn’t go over the line I don’t think you could really understand/control and enjoy being on the line. I was lucky enough to have a very good driving instructor and because I was an extremely anxious learner, crying, too nervous to go very fast he once made me drive about 100mph down this completely empty road to make me understand and feel comfortable and in control at the speed limit – which was 60mph. This (if a bit mad) completely worked and from then on I honestly feel perfectly fine driving at any speed. I had to feel like I had no control before I gained it. I love it when you find things in life that exactly (not always exactly haha) explain what you mean 🙂

Everyone should imagine and create their own! 😀 I almost feel bad for making it because this pudding is only a representation of what your Mad Sparkle Pie is – a place, a person, an idea…

Just do it! Eat the Mad Sparkle Pie! Will do you good 🙂 Maybe not the hips though haha…


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