Is it important to have experiences that challenge or maybe reaffirm your values, skills and personal opinions?

I’m in the beginning of an experience that’s doing all this and it’s brilliant…

One way to really ‘learn about yourself’ is to actually question everything you believe, can you make an argument for every one of your opinions? Do you need too? Not always. But it’s very interesting to see how you go.

Last week I was sadly proven two massive things I do not want to believe. You know when you come so far in telling yourself that’s not how you should think and then someone just rips you back to your maybe naïve but completely justified in your own eyes opinion. I know you shouldn’t let people affect you but sometimes for me at least that is impossible.

You know when you’re just going through life and your beliefs are almost uncontrollably moulded for you out of your own experiences. It takes effort, understanding and actual acknowledgement to break the chain in your thought process to change your mind set and sometimes that is just completely unreachable.

I’d like to say your given more beliefs and opinions by your good experiences but for me I think it’s definitely more the bad ones because maybe you learn more from them because they drastically change you more rather than enhancing something nice that was already inside, I’m not sure…

One of the situations was much more complicated than the other but I will be thinking on them for a long time and probably with the more understanding I get, looking at both sides of the story I will come to different conclusions throughout life.

The reason I said all that is because one of those situations directly came from this remarkable project that we are undertaking. I know the experience of realising this project and the project itself will push and expand many of my skills, attributes and ideas, I can feel it’s already begun…

While getting ready to go out to give my fundraisings letters to coffee shops I got all confused about my intentions of how I wanted to come across, shall I try and dress smartly so I look important or like a hobo so they’re more inclined to want to help, I had no idea so I just wore my normal clothes which I hope is somewhere in between haha. Then I picked up my cover up and got confused about my morals, why am I wearing this? So people don’t think I’ve got acne but why does that matter and what does that entail, what do I think that makes people think – I’m dirty or societally ugly and why do I care about that and if I do wear it what will people think then that I’m societally prettier or that I’m shallow enough to care, I don’t know, I got so confused so I just ran out the house haha…

The first place I went:
‘Hello, may I give you this letter please?’
‘Of course of course!’ she excitedly starts to open it ‘yes yes would you be looking for full or part time’ I almost wanted to just agree and accept not to see her disappointment in my words –
‘Oh it’s something else’ … ‘Oh OK then…’
Well if all else fails think I’ve got a job there haha…

While slowly (lovely reading week) strolling round town I was noting what shops I could target next and going through in my head was how can I make these companies relevant to my situation… I was looking at Jones shoe shop imagining talking to one of their employers saying ‘oh don’t you sell nice shoes – can I have some money to go to America please’ haha… I also really have to think I do live in this town and I need to not go in places that I frequently use so they don’t start to think ‘oh look there’s that mad woman asking us for money again don’t serve her’ haha… Maybe I need to wear a disguise? 😀 haha…

I’m sorry it must be really annoying I finish most things with hahaha… It’s just most things really do make me laugh 🙂

Before sending out about million emails to a wide variety of companies I had to make a more grown up email address, since I was going to be writing to lots of important people I thought they wouldn’t take fizzyizzi very seriously haha… My goal is to do one company a day…

I don’t believe many companies will really give out anything but I am sooo interested and excited to see what companies reply and what they will say…

It’s such an exciting and amazing project and I still can’t actually believe it’s happening…

This whole experience is going to push all our skills, including my work ethic because we’re all busy with so many ‘musts’ every hour is precious but if you want to make the time you can do anything really. It’s very important to try and make time for the things you enjoy, for me right now that’s writing on here and raising money for our project, if I didn’t really enjoy it I wouldn’t do it or at least put half the effort in. I’m letting this project engulf me because I love all its prospects. Someone told me a saying the other day ‘always ask a busy person to get something done’ it sounds funny but I think it’s true 🙂


2 thoughts on “Is it important to have experiences that challenge or maybe reaffirm your values, skills and personal opinions?

  1. Hi, Izzi, I lived on a narrowboat last year and am now back home in the US. I still read the boaters blogs which is how I came to be reading yours. I’d love to
    know more of your travel plans….coming over here, living in a forest? Could you write about the specifics? Will you bring your cello? I live next to a forest
    (and waterfalls) now and the only thing that would make it more beautiful would be to hear the music of a cello amongst the trees.
    All good wishes for your adventure!


    • Hi Valari!

      Thank you for your comment, where you live sounds absolutely beautiful… I’d LOVE to play in your forest. Playing my cello in a forest surrounded by waterfalls seems like one of the most magical experiences I could imagine…

      We are fundraising our way to America to help/teach music to students from Ernest Righetti High School in Santa Maria while staying in Yosemite National Park for 3 nights and 4 days 🙂 As someone who completely loves mother earth, teaching/helping and music this is SUCH an exciting project! 😀

      We are doing everything we can think of to raise money from bake sales to busking, and any kind of cleaning and gardening jobs we kind find. We’re also writing to companies, I think I’m on my 16th haha and I’ve written to all the schools I’ve been too asking for donations/sponsorships of any kind. I would really like to bring my cello to America for the project but I probably won’t be able too because I don’t have a travel cello case and you need one for the cello to be safe when it goes under the plane. So after all the essentials a hard cello case is something to maybe add to our fundraising efforts. Another way to transport the cello is buying it its complete own ticket but that is WAY too costly! I may be able to hire a cello out when I get there but that would also cost…

      I’ve been lucky enough to stay on my partners parents narrowboat twice now and find the whole experience wonderful, like a little secluded, calm and secret world where only the boats, boaters and the passing landscape exist 🙂 Oh and a few brilliant pubs along the canal! 😀 One of my favourite things is when (very nearly) everyone you pass just waves at each other, makes me very happy 🙂

      My next blog which I hope to get up in the next few days (or maybe today depending on traffic and stuff) will be a big description of our whole brilliant adventure 🙂


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