Our Adventure – Musiquality

I was talking about this trip to a lecturer the other day and he said ‘I think it sounds like the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard of a group of students doing…’ This made me blush because it makes me so incredibly proud and happy knowing I’m part of something that someone thinks is amazing 🙂

It is effortless for me to feel how brilliant this whole project is because I am in it but getting the recognition from someone else who is completely outside the project (and who I really respect) made everything all the more real, allowing and backing up my emotions around it. It’s always nice to get that reminder – you are allowed and it’s ok for you to feel this way about something.

I cherish music unconditionally and the cello is as much a part of me as the colour of my eyes. Music is the blood in my veins – if it didn’t exist neither would I. I am forever indebted to it for what it’s given me…

My mind has always aspired to teach, almost as if I had no control over that at all. More than a desire, like a mundane undercurrent instinct that is completely essential to my life. Like something you feel like you’ve always known and can’t remember when or if you ever learnt it.

To teach wasn’t ever a specific conscious decision, just simply is and always has been my future 🙂

How brilliant or ridiculous does this completely true statement sound… ‘We are fundraising our way to America’. Seeing the different reactions in people has been hilarious. From shock and doubt to wonder, amazement and interest… This is what we are doing and it is astonishing.

(I hope I explain this correctly because I may not…)

We are calling this project ‘Musiquality’ because we hope to bring quality of learning and quality of experience through music too others…

We are flying to California from the UK on the 20th of May and returning on the 28th. Our trip includes us staying in Yosemite National Park for three nights and four days. I absolutely adore the outdoors and I cannot really imagine a more exciting prospect.

The biggest reason for our trip is to collaborate with students from Rigetti High School in Santa Maria. We want to help them realise their goals… What we have to offer and what we will openly give is our musical knowledge. We are recording an album with them of a wide variety of music inspired by our interactions and the surroundings of where they are – between the sea and the edge of Yosemite National Park. And among some other things we intend to teach them some folk songs…

I’m not entirely sure about everyone else but I’m going to say I want to help them any way possible really. I want to listen to them and try an encourage any of their ideas and goals, because we know sometimes when helping a certain aspect of your life it has a knock on effect to helping another. I can’t wait, what an experience 🙂

This trip was ignited and created by a few wonderful people… Our lecturer Laura Ritchie has made/is making this possible. I remember the first week at university we had an introduction talk and we were put in the class Laura was talking too… I can’t actually remember what exactly she was talking about (general uni things) and I’m not very good at paying attention but all I remember thinking the whole time was that all I reeeally wanted to do was just put my hand up and shout out ‘can’t you teach me the cello please!??’ (I was so close too but my friend stopped me more than once reminding me we were going to be here for four years and first impressions and all…). It was the care I felt radiating from her whole demeanour for what she was talking about that instantly engaged and grasped my own passion and need for learning. I was not aware about people like this and was thoroughly enthralled. For someone to so immediately (within minutes) inspire something inside someone else they have to be pretty stunning 🙂

It takes someone like Laura to make such an epic journey happen by believing in the first place. And have the zest to thoroughly pursue it.

Thank you.

The other main person involved is David Preston, a teacher at the high school we are going to and I’ve obviously never met him but he seems to be quite an incredible individual. We have a few nights of our trip with nowhere to stay so David has said we can stay with him! Thank you! Also another fundraising idea is to have a concert when we get there and David has offered his house again – Thank you again 🙂

This simply would not have happened without Laura and David…

So… Fundraising! 😀

We are doing absolutely everything within in our power and imagination which includes, bake sales, cooking, busking, holding events, concerts, a raffle… We’ve have also offered cleaning and gardening but no one has taken us up on that yet which is a shame since I love gardening/digging in the mud 🙂 I would and will actually do just about anything (within rational reason haha) to raise the money for us to get there.

I have written to about 25 companies asking for a donation and to all the schools I’ve attended to see if they could help but haven’t had any luck with that yet…

Me and Freya (my friend/flat mate who’s going as well) decided to launch a little food thing called… ‘Come and Spa-gett it!’ 😀

            IMGP0056                 IMGP0057
Basically I make loads of spaghetti bolognese and ask our friends for donations, we’ve also made soup and a vegan bean wrap…

Laura has lent us her massive saucepans and an amazing cooker thing from her house, which we’re taking care of! Thank you! 🙂 This is the cooker going on holiday to IzzI n Freya’s haha 🙂


Oh and I made 48 cupcakes a few days ago for one of our bake sales! 😀 An improvement from last time I think! Haha…


I can describe to you all day, till the cows come home about how brilliant this project is 🙂

It is life changing…

And the fundraising, don’t get me wrong I am having a great time and seriously enjoying myself… But it is bloody hard work…

It’s ok for me because I’m always willingly and blindly put allll my effort into everything, I can’t actually fathom any other way to carry out my life, it’s not negotiable. I will always try my very very best, using all my mental and physical capacity and more if I can squeeze it in 🙂 At the moment sometimes I go to sleep thinking about this project and then wake up finishing my sentence or thought process about it…

Laura personally brought our plane tickets on her credit card which is just mental… Which we seriously need to pay back as soon as we can!! For all her effort as well so much more thanks is needed than I could ever express…

The bottom line is – we do actually need money. Absolutely any ideas, no matter how small or insignificant you might think they are I am telling you they will be greatly appreciated 🙂

For someone who got the internet/a computer at 20 (just turned 23) this whole project has all been a bit of a slap of technology but I am trying very hard to keep up and I’m learning about what feels like a hundred things a week about it. I can’t deny or ignore the internet/technology because it’s definitely quite an established and ongoing fundamental aspect of society. And if you can’t deny something I suppose you may as well embrace it 🙂


One thought on “Our Adventure – Musiquality

  1. So very pleased to be doing this and I’m finding that the cumulative positivity of everyone in the group has made some amazing things happen already. I cannot wait and adore the open horizon of possibility that we have begun to carve out of this venture. Your words are supremely kind, but you have done so much work as well and the whole #Musiquality happening wouldn’t be what it already is without everything that everyone has put into it. Here’s to the next two months and beyond!! 🙂


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